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About Us

Lorraine DeRosa (Bella The Clown) since 1999. 

Lucy Ungerbuehler (Strawberry The Clown) since 1998.

They met in 1999 and have become best friends & clown sisters. Clowning around together for over 20 years.

They have clowned around for Hospice By the Sea since 2001.

They love what they do and are passionate to spread the joy.


Their whimsical ways of entertaining have brought them to schools, nursing homes, hospitals and more...

They have been spreading the joy throughout South Florida since 1998.

Their amazing balloon creations, Magic, audience participation, face painting and silly antics energize the programs in schools, libraries, sporting events, summer camps and hometown festivals.

There are several gifted performers that work for Clowns of Joy.

 Sponsors are welcome for any of these programs please support us so we can spread the joy!

The Clowns of Joy Rock!

Lorraine DeRosa.

 Lorraine has been performing as "Bella the Clown" Since 1999 - present. She started out as a birthday party entertainer. Lorraine has gone to conventions and classes throught her carrer.

Bella has taught children and adults about the art of clowning, face painting and balloon twisting.

Membership Clowns of America international.

Incorporated as BTC & Associates Inc. Insured with Beauty & Body works Insurance.

Entertaining kids of all ages from Events to Hospital visits, Bella worked in clown unit for Hospice by the Sea since 2000 and has been entertaining kids from 1 to 101.

Lucy and Lorraine have been clowning around for many years in nursing homes, children center and hospitals.

Lorraine and Lucy formed Clowns of Joy 2006 they are always ready to spread the joy.

Balloons of Joy Academy

BOJA where they shared the art of balloon twisting be

We love to teach The new generation some great skills.

Love what you do, do what you love. 

Bella wants to create smiles everywhere.

Lucy Ungerbuehler​.

 Lucy Ungerbueler has been an entrepreneur in the entertainment industry for over two decades. Her character "Strawberry The Clown" has brought so much joy and laughter to many companies and  parties through out Florida.

Her success as an entertainer grew her from networking to a booming company that offers a variety of event services to make your party unforgettable. 

Now Lucy offers her talent, and education with her partner in business Lorraine DeRosa Known as "Bella The Clown" and together they created Balloons of Joy Academy a school sharing the art of balloon creations, face painting and more.

Lucy and Bella have been clowning around for many years in nursing homes, children centers and hospitals. They formed a company; Clowns of Joyin 2006 now they are ready to teach a new generation some great skills with Balloons of Joy Academy

We want to share this art because it fun for kids and balloon twisting  amazes people.

We are ready to give back and share with our community!


LORRAINE  954 821-5419

LUCY  954 609-9809


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