​​​​Clo​wning ​from the Heart !

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Clowns of Joy

​​​​​​  Humor Therapists

 Have you ever heard of Hu​mor Therapy?
Laughter is the Best medicine!
That's what "Clowns of Joy!! "are all about.

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Bella & Strawberry
" The Caring Clowns "

With "Clowns of Joy"You have the opportunity to provide your patients with not only the best care, but the extra attention,that will make your facility stand out over all others.As Humor Therapists we bring joy & tender loving care,to your patients and the staff. Brighten up their day with happiness, healing, love, and laughter.
A little tender loving care goes a long way!
" Weekly, Bi-weekly Visits Available "
Why should you contact our services?
We have many years of Experience in Entertaining.
Familiar with most of the hospital procedures, rules and etiquette. Attended numerous seminars on Hospital Clowning.Whimsically Entertaining throughout South Florida, Specializing in Children of all ages.

Humor Therapy makes you Healthier!
 *Spreading Joy is Contagious !
Uplifts Mood ,Reduces Stress &Tension.
People are Happier, Smiling & Having fun! 
Forgetting their worries for a while........
* Humor Therapists are Smile Makers * 
* Experienced ,Caring,Gentle,Clowns.*

*Great Shows fun for everyone*

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